Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HALLoween 2009

This year was our 7th annual "Haunted Garage". We were a little considered with the weather. The Wednesday and Thursday it snowed but it was BEAUTIFUL Friday and Saturday for the festivities.

Every year we try to add something new. This year I found a 6'5" Jason (from Friday the 13th) on Sale. He was Awesome. He had the mask on, fully clothed with blazer and held a bloody machete. He moved very realistic and his eyes were amazing and real looking. The day I got him, we put him inside by the front door so when Jordan came home that night he was there to 'greet' him. He thought it was Eric at first until he hit it and it moved! We got him! It was a great laugh.
For those of you who don't know, we remove everything from the garage and Eric constructs a maze with heavy duty black tarp walls. We then fill it with black lights, strobe lights, glow-in-the-dark items, spider webs, things that drop down, Jason, hanging bones and secret sensory items! After 7 years we have it down and it goes up pretty quick. Eric reuses all the walls so most of the work is pre-done. We have anywhere from three to eight goblins that are in there doing the scaring (Jack, Jenna and their friends) and some of our friends (adults) also.

Every year I keep a tally by the day (we do it the night before and night of Halloween) and hour of how many people we have go through. This year we had a little over 400. I know you're wondering if we charge and the answer is NO. We love doing it and somebody's got to keep it going. We do put out a 'donation' pumpkin and receive some money that way. That money pretty much just pays for the batteries to all the motion activated items which is about 60 AA's.

It is a blast every year and a lot of laughs. Enjoy the pictures but they don't give it justice!

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